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              Dalian yaming automobile parts co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "dalian yaming") is a joint-stock enterprise producing aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting products. Dalian yaming is a powerful rapid prototyping die casting mould design and manufacturing ability, with advanced high pressure die casting production capacity, product finishing ability and detecting ability, the scale of production in the same industry.
              Tel: 0411-86612955
              Fax: 0411-86613428
              E-mail: dlym@dlym.com
              Website: http://www.sourcepy.com
              Zip code: 116041
              Addr: No.5 Wuyi Road Lushun Dalian,China
              Addr:No.5 Wuyi Road Lushun Dalian,China  Tel:0411-86612955    
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